Whilst studying abroad I understand that I have the possibility of using the counseling HelpLine which is available 24/7.

Any and all information that students share with Equilibrio shall remain confidential with very few exceptions. Confidentiality is a basic requirement of trust in counseling support and is necessary to ensure its success. Equilibrio files are not accessible by or circulated to other offices or personnel within the University.

In the event that a clear and present danger is assessed by Equilibrio staff and/or contractors, some information may be shared on a “need-to-know” basis with your program provider and/or with other bodies whose involvement is necessary to attend to an assessed risk. Where possible this will be discussed first with the student concerned.

Should a student who does not wish to give consent still make use of Equilibrio services, Equilibrio will not be responsible for any damages occurred as a result. Any and all information that the aforementioned student shares with Equilibrio may be disclosed to the relevant authorities in the event that a clear and present danger is assessed by staff and/or contractors.