Education Providers - Why Equilibrio?

Equilibrio offers preventative and responsive English speaking support services to students and universities/program providers throughout Europe, the U.K, the U.S, and beyond. We are specialists in the student experience, including the challenges and pressures of research and academic study, as well as emotional and psychological wellness. Whether your students live on campus or off, come from nearby or far away, are studying at your home campus or abroad, we ensure that they have access to independent and confidential counseling support and expert guidance wherever and whenever they need it.

English speaking preventative and responsive support services to study abroad students and program providers throughout Europe.

Your Role

You understand the complexities of providing an overall experience that engages and supports students academically, professionally and personally. Like us, you know that the number one determinant in a student’s academic success is their psychological and emotional wellbeing, and you’re committed to supporting them in this.

Our Role

Right from the outset, the Equilibrio 24/7 HelpLine offers confidential specialist emotional support and guidance to students wherever they are and whatever they need. We partner with in-house counseling teams where available, helping to relieve the strain and reduce waiting times, whilst ensuring students are fully supported in the interim. Alternatively we connect them to our experienced network of professional counselors, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists either face-to-face or via our secure video calling platform. Furthermore we provide expert support and guidance in managing difficult situations and critical incidents.

Why Use Equilibrio

Through Equilibrio’s preventative and responsive support services, we free up universities and program providers to focus their attention on academics, administration, programming, student life, and the many other aspects involved in providing quality education. We partner closely with you to help students meet the challenges that arise and have strong expertise in working with students on all kinds of programs, including domestic, international, semester-abroad, undergraduate, postgraduate, MA, and PHD. 



The 2017 study “ Students’ perceived need for mental health services: A study of variables related to not seeking help” (Nash, Sixbey, An, & Puig) suggests that students who believe they need support yet don’t seek it experience higher anxiety, financial challenges, work stress, less academic engagement and fewer social connections than those students who get help or those who do not think they need it.

The Equilibrio HelpLine provides easy access 24/7 so that a student can privately reach out whenever they need to. We then connect students with face-to-face or virtual support if needed and, in times of crisis, we activate our teams to provide wrap-around guidance and support to students, staff, faculty and managers, helping to safeguard the integrity of your program.

Student Benefits

The provision of confidential support by professionals trained to work with students whenever and wherever they are. Students face particular challenges and for some this leads to emotional issues and a greater risk for harm. Unchecked, these risks often have more serious consequences. 

To support students, we offer:

*Where an immediate risk of harm to self or others is assessed, the educational institution is immediately informed. (Except for MA & PHD programs)
**dependent upon level of service and insurance arrangements